Trinity United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Trinity United Methodist Church

649 Luckney Rd.
Brandon, MS 39042
Trinity United Methodist Church originated in September of 2002 through a merger of Wesley Chapel U.M.C. and Taylorsville U.M.C. The name was new in 2002 but the legacies of Wesley and Taylorsville extend over a century.
Wesley Chapel was founded in 1865 when a group of Christians felt the need for a mission center and a place for worship. The first meeting was held under a small shed about three miles southeast of Brandon, MS under the leadership of the Rev. and Mrs. Sabe Brown. The purpose of the church was to preach and teach the three Bible based doctrines of John Wesley. The church was honored with the service and leadership of many wonderful pastors over the years.
Taylorsville was founded in 1905, and got it’s start at a small school house in the woods approximately
a quarter of a mile from the now Trinity United Methodist Church. People in the community gathered at the school house for Sunday School and sometimes there would be a preacher present and they had church. In the early 1900’s land was donated and a church and a new school were built. The church was named Taylorsville in honor of the Taylor family of the same community.
The legacies of Wesley Chapel and Taylorsville were not just about having a structure to worship in. It was about people who had genuine faith in God, people who believed that nothing is impossible when you trust in God. Many generations later, We are Trinity United Methodist Church with a responsibility to develop the kind of faith the founders of Wesley Chapel and Taylorsville had by continuing to pass on their legacies of faith by creating an effective church for future generations.